Intel 2in1

Laptop power + Tablet fun = 2 in 1.

Intel 2in1


Intel has had great success with their 2 in 1 devices but was finding difficulty in communicating its core benefits out to the channel. At this point Intel approached Agency Ingram Micro and asked them to develop a concept which would seek to educate and increase adoption. It was proposed that an animated video would embrace the fun nature of the 2 in 1 products while also distributing an informative message.

The 2 minute animated video created by agency, successfully highlighted the key benefits of the 2in1, shedding light on its peak performance, versatility and extensive battery life, while reemphasising the Intel core processor which powers the device. Agency also operated a social media campaign to encourage impact and reach of the video. Intel were very impressed by both the video and the surrounding campaign and saw a high level of impressions following its delivery.




Oct, 2015

What we made

Animation, Digital
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